Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's recap, shall we?

Sheesh, my posts and sessions have slowed down conversely to the amount of rad old skool stuff I've acquired in the last 4 months! I can't wait to share some photos of all the rails, tailbones, trucks and even decks both old skool, flat and hand painted.

In the meantime, I thought we could all dig a nice update of the Slasher now that it has all it's original hardware and wheels back. I still think my setup looked better but I needed the gooeys for my main rider. These are Bullet trucks and reissue Bullet Church Glass wheels, although both have been scaled down to fit the micro sized deck.

It's now an actual small setup for a lightie rather than a cruiser. Took it down to the beach with my old mate Stuart (he of the backyard half pipe that was torn down in favour of a pool nobody ever swims in) and it rides just fine, but it's slower now without the big wheels.

Another useless ramble from your fishboard-obsessed internet friend, BB.

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