Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Slasher

It wouldn't be fair to casually mention that my good mate Sean gave me his Santa Cruz Slasher without sharing a pic of it. It's the micro version so it's 8.7 x 26", more or less the width of a wider modern board but the length of an old skool freestyle board. It's gem for carving around and power slides etc but hard to ollie!

It's a sick Jim Phillips graphic. I can't bear to screw rails into it, even though the reason I got the rails in the first place was to protect the graphics rather than for board sliding!

Check out the full setup here below:

I added Element risers, Girl bearings and all the stuff you saw in my first post, namely:

• Killer trucks (An awesome South African company)
• Speed Demons Gooeys* wheels - 65mm/78a
• Powell Peralta Tail Bone

The Powell Thin Ribs are still on the shelf for now ...

Thanks Sean and Mai for the deck, my gorgeous wife Nadia for all her patience and for the "board brain" nickname, my dear old mum for hauling the Powell Peralta stuff over from the UK, and [R]EVOLUTION PAVILION SKATESHOP - the sickest skate shop in Durban.

*I've named each of these wheels "Gooey Deschanel" after one of my favourite actresses :-)

Here's a little video of one of the first test runs of it as a complete: