Friday, March 11, 2011

Skate Art Satire 2

The skateboarding industry is the only one I know of where doing a tribute or satire of a famous graphic is allowed to fly and no one's feeling get hurt. With the incredible news that VCJ has rejoined Powell Peralta and is developing new graphics for them in his signature style, I bring you some of the most recent examples of tribute art. This time it's Element with Mike V and Ray Barbee decks that relook their first pro graphics from back in their Powell Peralta days.

First up is the Mike V Elephant (renamed Patchyderm in the case of the Element version). With Mike V back on Powell Peralta, this deck is already marked down at most online skate stores and will be gone soon. The original on the left is Vallely's actual first pro deck.

Not sure which artist is responsible for the new elephant on the right but this Element ragdoll guitarist below is done by Sean Cliver, the ex-Powell Peralta artist who created the companies most prolific graphics, including the original ragdoll, after VCJ parted ways with them.