Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Donor Part 2

The Donor proved fruitful!

I was very surprised to discover that beneath the purple paint job, my sister (then aged 17) had carved in the Hanson logo and an old boyfriends name. Equally interesting was that between the expected trucks - one Indy, one Pirate Skate, remember? - and the deck were Santa Cruz Cell Block 1's! STOKEMON.
They were "the stackable riser" back in the day but fat chance of getting my hands on more of them. I had completely forgotten I ever owned them.

What I really wanted the
The Donor to yield was my old wide trucks - especially the Indy cause I've been dead keen to see which modern size it equates to. It's the 169 now but back then it was 1-size-fits-all. All 10" wide decks, that is.

That skull leering at you in the background, you'll recognise as one of the KFD Pool Decks I rambled on about a few posts ago - I finally chose one of the four shapes in the series and as usual, Ping at [R]EVOLUTION hooked me up. It's a beaut, so naturally I screwed lumo orange rails into it!

It looks hella long to me but it's some sort of gnarly hybrid of modern performance with old skool single kick - I can't wait to try it out. Don't ask me where 
The Donor fits in amongst the great skateboard shape timeline but look at how small it is! Yes, the grip is blue. Yes, that IS leopard print grip on the KFD.

Bad taste to go with my bad blog formatting.

Cheers for now, BB.