Tuesday, June 1, 2010

John's old skool setup

This is my brother John's old skool board which he was kind enough to haul out to share with me.

Check out that early 80's style! White Gullwing trucks, white rails and tailbone, a nose bone, cellblock risers and a lapper on the back truck. The wheels are Kryptonics classics - slightly softer ones on the back.

I think what's driving me towards old skool, apart from the obvious nostalgia, is that the way I learned to skate was to just go charging out my front door and go for it.
The older guys that used to let us tag along never drove to a spot and sessioned it like skaters would start doing 10 years later. In them days it was mainly backyard half pipes and mini launch ramps on the street.

With a fat old skool deck under my feet I don't see an extra kicktail in the front challenging me to try a shove-it. It feels more akin to a downhill board - but with the option to ollie onto a curb or over a crack in the pavement.

I always thought it was cool the way each pro rider would have their own shape, tailored exactly for their individual abilities and signature tricks by the good elves at Powell or NHS.