Thursday, June 3, 2010

More old skool setups


I found this setup on the Skate One forum a little while back, while surfing teh interwebs for other people who are digging the return of all these old boards as much as I am.

This setup belongs to a guy named Nick Spesia, and it's just about the loudest colour scheme I've ever clapped eyes on. The deck is a limited edition Powell Peralta reissue in metallic green, with a lime top. Nick's done a custom grip job that assaults your eyes and would actually critically injure anyone who wasn't around in the 80's to see this kind of thing the first time round! Steamy. Nice one, Nick.

The rest of the setup is as follows:

  • Trucks: Independent 169's
  • Risers: Tracker
  • Wheels: Rat Bones
  • Bearings: Bones Swiss
  • Accessories: Gorilla Ribs / Tail Bone / Jaw Bone

The price of this setup in South African rands would buy you a small car! Admittedly, a car Xhibit would call "a bucket" on Pimp My Ride, but a working car nevertheless.

For interests sake, here below is the original board that Nick's reissue is based on.

 As you can probably tell by now, a Powell Peralta deck is the holy grail of old skool decks for me. That's not to say I am nothing less than a devoted fan of Santa Cruz and all of Phillips Studios graphics.

Last up is a Vision deck in lemon yellow with matchy-matchy Rat Bones wheels, a nose bone, and just about every accessory NHS ever made for skateboards! I never saw Vision boards around back in the day - I'm not sure if I mentioned but literally everyone had either a Powell Peralta or a Santa Cruz. There were a few Santa Monica Airlines and Schmidt Stixx but the former two were king. Anyway, I'm rambling ... here's the board: