Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Slasher's Legacy

This blog is getting to be a bit too "bloggy" and for that I apologise!

It really was supposed to be about me rediscovering skateboarding and sharing the graphics that I geek out to, with you five loyal readers. In the spirit of the latter, please enjoy these great Pocket Pistols decks which satirize Jim Phillips famous Slasher graphic (you'll remember the slasher from earlier posts).

"Eyepod" (7.75" x 30.50"), eyes like Kate Bosworth.

"Piggy" (9.25" x 32.75"), looks like a Jimbo Phillips graphic.

"Porker" (12" x 32.75"), a Jim Phillips/Matt French collaboration.

Pocket Pistols Skateboards are one of the sickest new era companies in my opinion, because they are the current champs of putting out decks and graphics which really make great fun of the old skool style. They also often make very limited runs of decks for "guest" riders such as Geoff Rowley. These are just a few of them, there are many more Slasher inspired sticks, believe me!

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