Friday, August 6, 2010

Fat Friday 2 - Pure, unfiltered full cream 100% fat decks

Another Friday rolls around and I do have much to say about "learning to drop in again". That's the easy part - but I'm fully slapstick when it comes to rock to fakies so let's not even talk about it until I have either cringeworthy pics and video, or until I've successfully completed this simple old skool trick.

In lieu, have some pics of even fatter fatty fat fat old skool decks than the last Fat Friday!

First up, as promised last time - the Dogtown Bigfoot:

The iconic Hosoi Hammerhead - possibly the most Ninja-like deck shape ever!

A Zorlac Fire Demon (both sides shown):

And finally, the fattest of them all. This is like if Hummer made boards. I don't even know what this Sims monstrosity is, it was sent to me on email to pwn my claim of the Dogtown being the widest deck I could think of. I stand corrected Sirs!

And so ends another useless ramble. Until next time, Peace! BB.