Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Board Brain finale announced for 2011

Truth is, I started out as a hell of a noob with only vague memories of boards, tricks and so on from the hazy late 80's before I discovered girls and exams and before we could get our hands on classic shaped decks, wheels and hardware again. The only goals were to have the balls to drop in again (with video evidence) and an even more vague goal of owning my first Powell Peralta deck.

It's been exciting documenting my rediscovery of the small details that made skating what it was before the popsicle revolution but viewer ratings have declined following the sporadic updates about new rails, old decks found again so it's time for Board Brain to reach it's finale.

There is a good solid backlog of really cool things acquired in the past half a year or so which will be dealt with over the course of the next couple of weeks. Following that, you can all watch me lose my mind when the chosen one arrives (The long-awaited Powell Peralta) and we'll end off with some videos of actual bona-fide skateboarding!

No expense will be spared in terms of image retouching or the amount of lumo colours per pic, so get padded up and ready for the ride!

Peace, BB