Sunday, June 6, 2010

Board Brain goes new skool

It's been bugging me, seeing a nice little stack of hardware, wheels and stuff staring at me. I decided to haul out my old 90's deck - the one on which I did the "dabbling" mentioned in my very first post.
I bought the thing as a full setup from a mate and it came with no name wheels and trucks but on the deck itself was a little logo which shed a bit more light on the mystery of what the hell kind of deck this is.

Apart from the size and company, I don't know anything else about this deck. It must be fairly old cause it's got that really flat concave that decks had when they first became double-kicktail popsicles. It has next-to-no pop but it's sort of fun to just ride around on. The pile of parts in question were the aforementioned no name trucks, but in my quest for wheels for the slasher, which ultimately ended with those beautiful pink Gooeys, I bought some Bullet Rounds 52mm, some KFD deck bolts and Killer bearings. I put them all together but before attaching to the deck there was one more thing to be done.

It has a pretty gnarly chunk out of the one tail and when we were groms we used to just fill it with wood glue, which dries hard and totally transparent after a while. Then you can add grip and stickers without little dongas* everywhere. Check out this next pic to examine my fine craftsmanship!

When the glue is about halfway cured you just smooth it out with a bit of cardboard and make it fit the shape of the crack better. I reckon I'm going to grip this thing up the old skool way - in two parts and inset about 1.5cm.

*Donga = Pothole