Friday, March 4, 2011

Fat Friday 4 - Pure, unfiltered full cream 100% fat decks

Ahoy, it's been ages! What can I say, my house has kept me busy.
For this Fat Friday, I think y'all should explore on your own so I have compiled below, for your surfing pleasure, a shortlist of some of the finest independent and underground skateboard manufacturers, all of whom lean towards the fatter side of things.

Big Mess Skateboards - Early 90's "football" shapes with graphics by shit hot artists including the current art director of Santa Cruz, Lucas Musgrave and Michael Walrave, my favourite artist at the moment (see below)

Five Points Custom Skateboards - Custom old skool pool and ramp boards in every shape imaginable or design your own. Fat-ness!

American Sideshow (Johnny "Mojo" Munnerlyn) - Original Santa Cruz artist working under Jim Phillips in the 80's.

Never Again Skateboards - Honourable mention for effort, although a little on the slim side sometimes.

Destructive Hellride Skateboards - Really sick Z boy style cruisers with moulded death grip and the most original plastic accessories ever created.