Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tech Decks, Bullet Rounds and "Guess The Vintage Board"

Howdy, I've been mighty quiet on the updates. This would be due to finding over 1000 like-minded people who do nothing but eat, sleep, drink and talk (online) old-skool 80's - early 90's skateboards on the skull and bones skateboards website.

I've collected some shit to throw up here and since it's been over a month I'm cramming it all into one post!

Tech Decks. I really dig these! I've been trying to get my hands on any with classic graphics but I'll take satirical ones like this Black Label my friend Stuart gave me happily. This is a snap of the ones at work.

Now, a good long while ago before I found the pink Speed Demon wheels for my slasher (see 1st post) I caved in and bought a set of Bullet Rounds (52mm/1000a?). I never ended up using them but since the speed demons are now on my KFD pool board I thought I'd give them a spin. They look ok on the slasher, but not half as good as the green ones would have.

They're the polar opposite from the kind of wheels I like - and that's big and mushy if you hadn't gathered thus far. They are easily the hardest wheels I've ever encountered, they make for a very bumpy, noisy ride and the way a relatively smooth road rips into them reminds me of my first rollerblade knockoffs in 1996. Yup, BB was a 'blader once upon a time! I suppose they're designed for ├╝ber slick concrete parks but they're no good to me.

The last little goodie I've got for you is a photo of a rad old skool setup that came whizzing past me while my lady and I were strolling around Cape Town last week. The guy was kind enough to let me take a snap. He couldn't remember where he got it and he really had no clue what I was talking about when I started enthusiastically rambling on about the bones brigade et al. Cool board though ...

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have some video footage of a cool secret spot by the next time you visit this blog! Peace out, BB