Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting ready to bomb Florida

I bought this "Diadora" Sector Nine knockoff as a complete from the local car boot market for R100 a while back.

Worst case scenario, I could use it for truck spares I thought. It came with really odd wheels - 53mm but wide and around 78a durometer. It had the worst graphics I've ever seen - an obviously traced image of a snowboarder and a set of stairs with absolutely NO perspective. Something had to be done!

While I waited for the  first coat to dry I popped the hardware onto The Donor (you remember The Donor from before hey?). Took it for a cruise round the block - have you ever ridden a deck with hardly any concave, a short wheelbase and old skool mounting pattern? It's as weird as it seems!

This, by the way, is all in preparation for a mass bombing of Florida Road tomorrow, hosted by Zoo York.

Until then, BB

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