Monday, August 2, 2010

Taking it b-b-b-b-back in time ... to the 80's

It's done. I didn't need a time machine to retcon my KFD Pool Deck as a full-on 80's setup.
Using some old truck bases as a guide helped me drill four extra holes to accommodate the old skool hardware I pulled from the donor. I've had some Grind King Bridge Bolts for years and years now and I always knew they'd come in handy again! They're clever little U-shaped mounting pins so you only need a spanner or skate tool to take them off and on. No screwdriver or allen key. A bunch of us oldies getting back into skating went for a session on the mini ramp at the Pavilion skatepark last week and my gooeys kept biting into the deck so now I've put ALL the risers I own between the trucks and the deck and at around 40mm long, the Bridge Bolts fit them snugly.

Somehow I seem to only be able to take really crap photos of this latest monstrosity but I'll try again soon to get some good shots of the beast from different angles.

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