Wednesday, June 9, 2010

KFD Pool Decks Part 2

I'm absolutely stoked to see the full range of KFD skull decks (pool series) online, if you didn't read me rambling about them about 4 or 5 posts back then let me reiterate:

These are SICK!*

*SICK = Extremely rad, unequalled

Mr. Ping wouldn't believe me if I said I want/love/need a board like this so much that I couldn't care less about the new iPhone, in fact I'm being somewhat disloyal to my earlier allegiance to 80's giants Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz - I'm totally day dreaming about these new/old/pool/anywhere fatties from local stick syndicate KFD. Check out the range below, available from all real skate shops:

In my quest for fatness, I'm kind of drawn to the middle two - but see which one you think suits me:
(click on images for much larger view)

Go spread some love on KFD's site, they're kind enough to think Board Brain is newsworthy, so they're alright by me!

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