Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Donor

While busy packing up the house with my wife for our big move into our new house, I realised I have enough bits and pieces to assemble four different skates! That's ridiculous, especially since I'm currently only into cruising on my weapon of choice, the slasher.

That blue Powell board is all set up once again and even has an old skool style grip job thanks to Ping at [R]EVOLUTION. I took it out into the driveway for a push on some really crazy old wheels Ping found lying around in the shop - they're like 64mm and only slightly harder than a jelly baby. I now know why we used to have such thick risers back in the day cause one simple turn and you get the gnarliest wheelbite as the jelly babies make contact with the deck. Needless to say, the blue bullets are back on but to me they are just too rock hard for anything other than a skatepark. In my humble opinion anyway.

The other two "setups" are a well-thrashed Iron Fist that I just bought off a mate (I just wanted the trucks and whatever else I could scavenge from it). I think besides being ridden hard, it was stored in a bucket of water in the middle of a hot tin shed in the kalahari cause the deck is warped, full of stress cracks and has razor-tail at both ends. Any takers?

The final board is one that's being lying around in our old band room for about 6 years, and I'm calling it:


This is probably even older than the Powell cause it's wide but the ends are kind of squared off like a freestyle deck. We painted it purple and covered it in blue grip years ago so who knows what brand it started off as?
I haven't even seen this thing for the last few years but what I do know is that it has my old trucks on from my very first board (the one covered in really dumb stickers) and they're juuuuust the right width for a fattie!

Watch this space.

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